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Discover the future of construction with HausWerk, choose from our ready-made designs and build your modern and energy-efficient house in just 3 months after taking over the construction site. Let us begin!

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Do you have a building permit? Check what HausWerk technology can offer you! And if you are just starting your adventure with building a house, don’t worry we will guide you through the entire process quickly and comfortably, keeping your involvement to a minimum.

HausWerk prefabricated houses are innovative on many levels – from concept, through implementation, to finishing. All of them are made of certified KVH timber in the heavy timber frame construction system, which ensures their durability, low operating costs and a space that is friendly to health and environment. Our houses are designed and precisely manufactured in the HausWerk production plant, so we can guarantee the best quality and price. Live in an energy-efficient and comfortable home thanks to modern construction technologies!

houses ensure:

Durability for generations

and the best performance parameters
  • 30-year guarantee
  • Heavy timber frame construction system
  • Certified KVH timber
  • Fire resistance


and low operating costs
  • Low thermal transmittance
  • Energy demand 40 kWh/m²/year
  • Insulation constitutes 80% of the wall thickness
  • RES installations

Comfortable construction

and saving time
  • Shortening construction by 80%
  • Investor involvement kept to a minimum
  • Cost predictability
  • Dedicated site manager

Original Technology

and own production plant
  • R&D project and unique know-how
  • Cooperation with scientists
  • Own plant with machinery and laboratory
  • Precision of execution

Healthy living space

and everyday comfort
  • Optimum humidity
  • High acoustic parameters
  • Thermal comfort all year round
  • Hypoallergenic space

Modern architecture

and ergonomics of use
  • A team of experienced architects
  • Design consulting included in the price
  • Well-thought-out space
  • Trend analysis

Environmentally friendly

and attention to sustainable development
  • Eco-production
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Construction waste kept to a minimum
  • PEFC certificate

The most popular


single-family house, 1 storey


192,6 m²

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single-family house, 1 storey


115,5 m²

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single-family house, 2 storeys


142,2 m²

More information

single-family house, 1 storey


187,9 m²

More information

single-family house, 1 storey


125,9 m²

More information

single-family house, 1 storey


98,5 m²

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Use of heavy KVH timber beams with a cross-section of 160×60 mm for external walls and 240×60 mm for ceilings.


Diffusion open partitions guaranteeing humidity control, fire resistance, good acoustics and a friendly microclimate inside the house.


Sloping roofs covered with tiles, steel roofing tiles or EPDM foil on flat roofs. Thermal comfort thanks to the phase shift up to 14 h.


Inter-storey ceilings are made of many layers of materials of different density and sound absorption capacity.



Electrical, sanitary and telecommunication installation as a standard. Optional: Smart Home systems.


Foundations insulated from the ground and on the perimeter with the use of styrodur protect against moisture and prevent heat loss.

Windows and doors

Energy-efficient steel doors and PVC windows, triple-pane with a 7-chamber
frame profile, with a low heat transfer coefficient.


The standard of energy-efficient houses thanks to the use of heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and mechanical ventilation with a recuperator.


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