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Within our offer we provide complex investment service of any type and scale, from concept execution to its implementation up to the selected standard. We cooperate with investors all over Europe, delivering the highest quality product, appreciated in Poland and abroad. With us you can build:

Housing estates of single-family houses

Public utility buildings

Office and commercial facilities

Residential buildings

For business
For business

Cooperation with HausWerk means a comprehensive coordination of the entire investment. We are experts in the technology of prefabricated buildings in the heavy timber frame system and regardless of whether you are building a housing estate, office, commercial facility or a public utility building, you can count on our know-how as well as design and construction consulting at every stage. Our offer is flexible, which means we can adapt it to your needs and possibilities, both in terms of technology and the scope of cooperation. With us, you can implement your investment to the pre-lock-up, shell or shell and core standard including foundations and installations. You can also order only prefabricated building elements with delivery in Poland and abroad. Contact us, describe your project and we will select the best solutions together.

For business
For business

At HausWerk we have our own, highly automated production plant with a machine park, as well as a team of experienced architects, site managers and customer consultants. This is why we can guarantee the best quality and price.

Technological development in the last few decades has made modern timber structures increasingly popular. The use of timber is justified not only technologically, but also environmentally and economically. The heavy timber frame system is the most durable and reliable one of the timber frame systems, and buildings built in this technology can only be manufactured in advanced factories. We only use materials from reputable manufacturers, which ensures quality and durability of finished elements. We have a team of qualified employees in both the design and production departments, which guarantees preparation of an accurate production design, and then precise assembly of individual elements. It results in a short time of investment implementation, the investor’s financial security and the risk of problems on the construction site being reduced to a minimum. Get to know the HausWerk technology and plan your investment with us.

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Selected realizations

The houses of tomorrow

Osiedle Domy Przyszłości

Osiedle 40 domów jednorodzinnych w stanie deweloperskim w Libertowie k. Krakowa

Housing estate in Silesia

Osiedle domów w Mazańcowicach

18 domów w zabudowie bliźniaczej

Multi-family buildings in Sweden

2 budynki wielorodzinne

Dwa budynki wielorodzinne w Szwecji o łącznej powierzchni 1000 m²

Żednia Forester's lodge

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa Żednia na Podlasiu zrealizowana w standardzie pod klucz.

Office of the forest inspectorate Zawadzkie

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa Zawadzkie zrealizowana w standardzie pod klucz i powierzchni użytkowej 81 m².

Office of the forest inspectorate Pułtusk

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa Pułtusk

Kancelaria Nadleśnictwa Pułtusk Lipinki o powierzchni użytkowej 42 m², zrealizowana w standardzie pod klucz.

Training facility i Suków

Budynek szkoleniowy

Budynek szkoleniowy o powierzchni 85 m² dla Gospodarstwa Nasienno-Szkółkarskiego w Sukowie.

Residential housing estate Schölbing

Osiedle mieszkaniowe Schölbing

Wohnpark Schölbing to inwestycja deweloperska realizowana przy współpracy HausWerk i TAMAK SYSTEMS. Osiedle zlokalizowano na działce o powierzchni 40 000 m², która znajduje się w miejscowości Hartberg, nieopodal Graz w Austrii. W jego skład wejdzie blisko 80 domów w zabudowie szeregowej i bliźniaczej. Budynki będą posiadać od 75 m² do 135 m² powierzchni użytkowej oraz przynależną do każdego z nich i wydzieloną powierzchnię ogrodową nawet do 300 m².

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